In need of percussion players

In need of percussion playersIn need of percussion players

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More detailed information on each ensemble is available on the Ensembles Page

  • Baldwin County Youth Orchestra
    (Advanced Group). 
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Adult Strings
  • Allegro Strings
  • Chamber Strings
  • Beginning Band
  • Beginning Strings
  • Intermezzo Strings

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Yearly  Fee  is  $300.   Joining in January?  Fee is 150 and  there  are  fundraising  opportunities available.    You  may  also  pay   monthly.    Call  or  email  for  details.    If  you  would  like  to  go  ahead  and  pay  the  full  amount  or  even  a  partial  payment  now  please  click  the  donate  button  below.    Please  be  sure  to  use  the  memo  function  to  tell  which  child  this  payment  belongs  to.

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